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Children can be deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration but there are special rules.  If a child is deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration, that child is only entitled to monthly benefits if very strict and sometimes complicated rules regarding income are met.  It is possible for a child to be deemed disabled but to be denied benefits because too much income is “deemed” to apply in that child’s case.

If you hire The Louque Law Firm, LLC to represent you and your child in your child’s social security disability case, we will:

  • review and analyze your child’s social security claim
  • perform a detailed analysis of the “deemed income” rules to ensure your child qualifies financially for disability benefits
  • prepare your child’s case and come up with a strategy to improve your child’s chances of gaining approval for disability benefits
  • gather additional evidence from your child’s doctors and medical providers, if needed
  • prepare you and your child for any hearings
  • question any witnesses that testify at any hearing
  • prepare the necessary evidence to cross-examine any experts that may testify at any hearing
  • appeal your child’s case further, if appropriate

If your child has been denied social security benefits, it is not necessarily the end of the claim.   The Louque Law Firm, LLC does not charge any fees unless your child’s social security disability claim is approved.

Please contact us to talk about your child’s case and receive a free case evaluation.

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