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Did you come home from work and find your landlord changed the locks on your home without serving you with an eviction lawsuit?  Possessions thrown out of your home by your landlord?

While landlords are allowed to evict tenants under numerous circumstances, they must follow the law and they must do it precisely or your landlord could be liable for damages for wrongful eviction.  Under Louisiana law, a landlord cannot just simply change the locks or throw a tenant’s possessions on the front lawn without following the proper procedures.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Louisiana Civil Code, both landlords and tenants have certain rights and obligations.  A landlord has an obligation to allow a tenant to maintain peaceful possession of a leased premises for the duration of a lease.  If a landlord wants to cancel a lease before the term expires, he must do so legally or he may be liable for any damages caused by his/her actions or inaction.

If you have been evicted from your home and you do not believe your landlord followed the law when evicting you, contact us for a free case evaluation.   Quality and affordable legal representation may be closer than you think.

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