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Have you been served with a lawsuit for an old credit card debt? Has a debt collector threatened to file suit against you for an old credit card debt? Do you even recognize the name of the “creditor” that has sued you? We may be able to help.

With the down turn in the economy, creditors and debt collectors have become more aggressive in collecting debts. Many times a credit card company will sell a debt to a company like Midland Funding, LLC, Unifund CCR Partners, Resurgent Capital Services, LVNV, or one of the many other debt buyers. Debt buyers typically buy huge debt portfolios for pennies on the dollar and then try to collect the full amount. Recently there has been a surge in lawsuits filed against consumers for old debts such as credit cards, medical bills, and finance loans.

If you have been sued by a creditor or debt buyer, do not ignore the lawsuit. If you ignore the lawsuit, you will get a default judgment entered against you. A default judgment means you lose, even if you do not owe the money or the debt is too old and prescribed (beyond the statute of limitations). This means that ignoring the lawsuit will cause you to possibly pay money you never legally owed.

Once the creditor or debt buyer obtains a default judgment, they will be able to garnish your wages and seize non-exempt property to collect on the judgment. Ignoring a debt lawsuit is the worst thing you can do. If you are served with a debt lawsuit, you should seek the advice of an attorney with experience in handling these matters.

The Louque Law Firm, L.L.C. has the experience necessary to properly defend your debt lawsuit. Many times a debt buyer cannot prove you legally owe them any money or they have sued on a debt that is prescribed (beyond the statute of limitations). Each debt lawsuit is unique and requires the knowledge and experience to defend the claims against you. If you have been served with a debt lawsuit contact us at (504) 324-2807 to schedule a consultation.   You can also file out the form to your right to send us a request to meet with an attorney.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Have Been Sued by A Debt Collector

Tips for Dealing with Creditors and Debt Buyers

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