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The costs and expense of hiring an attorney can be daunting.     The Louque Law Firm believes a client matter should be results driven, not driven by increments of 6 minutes of an attorney’s time. The meter never runs at The Louque Law Firm because we charge a fixed fee on nearly all matters handled by the firm.  When you hire us, you will know the amount of your fee and the services that fee includes.  You will never again wonder whether your attorney filed a document solely to bill you for something that is unnecessary.  With a fixed fee you will never have to worry about receiving a $80.00 bill for a 20 minute phone call.   You pay for services tailored to your individual needs and do not have to worry about whether we take on litigation tactics designed solely to build up fees.

We strive to be have affordable fees so that you can have access to the legal representation you deserve.  In some cases, we may offer an installment plan for the payment of legal services.  We just ask that payment of all fees, costs, and expenses be paid timely.  If you need to pay your legal fees in installments, please discuss this with us at your initial consultation.  We will do our best to accommodate every situation to the extent possible.

For payment of legal fees, costs, and expenses we accept credit cards, checks, and of course cash.  If your matter will be handled on a contingency fee, you only pay after we win your case.



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