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The Louque Law Firm, LLC is a law firm representing every day people with their legal issues.   We do not represent businesses or business interest.   Representing individuals is our passion and we are dedicated to ensuring you have access to quality and affordable legal representation whenever a legal issue arises. The Louque Law Firm, LLC represents clients in legal matters involving:

The Louque Law Firm, LLC has the knowledge and experience to deliver results

We only represent consumers.  Whether you have been sued on an old debt, are being harassed by a debt collector, being evicted from your home, have a former landlord refusing to return your security deposit, or have been denied social security disability benefits even though you are disabled, The Louque Law Firm, LLC stands by to assist you and bring you peace of mind as you are guided through the legal system.

You can have confidence that your case will be handled to the best of our ability and that we will gather the necessary evidence and interview the necessary witnesses to bolster your chances at success in your legal matter.

The Louque Law Firm, LLC is dedicated and affordable

The Louque Law Firm, LLC is able to provide exceptional legal services by harnessing technology to develop a detailed litigation plan or litigation avoidance plan to achieve your desired results.  All client files are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (subject to website updates and power outages) through an online client portal so you have access to your file whenever you need to see what is happening in your case.  Through our online client portal, you can also communicate with your attorney as your case progresses through the legal system.

We believe everyone should be able to access quality legal representation at affordable fees.  We offer fixed fees on almost all legal matters we handle unless we handle the matter on a contingency fee.  With a fixed fee you will never be surprised by an unexpected bill for attorney’s fees.  While we cannot control what a third party, such as the clerk of court, will charge, you will have peace of mind knowing exactly what you will pay your attorney for his fee and what services he will provide for that fixed fee.  

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